Transportation Services

For you to have a great vacation, we offer the following transportation services to your choice:

Car Rental Services

Type Transmission Capacity
Sedan Manual and Automatic Capacity 5 passangers
FWD Manual and Automatic Capacity 5 or 7 passangers
Van Capacity 14 passangers Manual and Automatic

Semi Private Transportation

This is a service that picks up customers at specific points sharing your journey with others.

Aereal Transportation

We work with SANSA and Nature Air.

Private Transportation

Type Seats
Toyota Hiace Capacity 7 seats
Coaster Capacity 20 seats
Senior Capacity 26 seats
Van Capacity 40 seats
Bus Capacity 52 seats

All cars equipped with air conditioning. The Senior, vans and buses have reclining seats, extra Buses include TV / VHS, Bathroom Sanitary Compartment Luggage

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