In mutual agreement between Marketing Connection & Travel DMC! Calls "Tour Operator" from now on and our clients’ call "The Client" from now on, establish the following terms:

  1. "The Tour Operator" in Costa Rica settled down like Mercadeo y Conexión Uno S.A. in the National Registry Legal certificate Number 3-101-480270, constitutes that is only an intermediary between the fleeting client/and the suppliers companies of services such as; hotels, restaurants, grounds, marine and aerial transport, thus “The tour Operator” it will not run with the personal commitment by delays, insufficiency, accidents or some other anomaly that can happen at the moment of the offered services.
  2. All the transport services to use account with the policies established according to the state monopoly (National Institute of Insurances), all the reclamations will therefore have to be operated by the Costa Rican Government.
  3. Exit room taxes (13%) and meals taxes (23%), these are subject to change without previous notice.
  4. All rates are quoted in US Dollars.
  5. “The Tour Operator” will facilitate the best services to “The Client”, always offering our quality.
  6. The services asked for “The Client” and quoted for “The Tour Operator”, they can be varied as long as it is notified 45 days before the arrival date of the group to the country. In case that the number of participants will vary this will need to be requited by “The Tour Operator”.
  7. Cancellations: In case of total cancellation of a program by “The Client”, “the tour Operator” will proceed with refunds of deposits already made with minimum 45 days prior, except for the following items:
    • Consultant's logistic program
    • Communications fee (telephone, fax, Internet, others)
    • Pre-payments made to the suppliers contracted for the programs
    • According to policies and terms conditions of suppliers
  8. Each cancellation will have to be sent in writing via fax (506) 2430-7062 or by email to “The tour Operator”.
  9. In case of last moment cancellations, “The Tour Operator” will not proceed to make any refund.
  10. Payments Procedures “The Tour Operator” request a 50% of the total amount invoiced 60 days before the group arrival date, final payment 30 days before the group arrival date. Once being the group in the country any additional cost will have to be cancelled before the group departure.
  11. Marketing Connection & Travel DMC! Payment Procedures:

Electronic Wire Transference or Deposit to our Bank Accounts:

Banco de Costa Rica
  • Beneficiary Name: Mercadeo y Conexión Uno S. A.
  • Beneficiary Dollars Account: 206 – 0000212 – 7.
International Transference:
  • Bank: Banco de Costa Rica.
  • Address: Sucursal de Alajuela – Costa Rica.
  • Name of the Account: Mercadeo y Conexión Uno S. A.
  • Account Number: 206-212-7.
Important Notes:
  1. Any Bank fee should be covered by “The Client”.
  2. Once you made the deposit please send us the copy by email or fax (506) 2430-7062 or by email.
For mail delivery please do it to the following address:
  • Marketing Connection & Travel DMC!
  • P.O. Box: 162-4060.
  • Alajuela, Costa Rica.